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Our real estate properties of category Operational buildings sale Bratislava - Nové Mesto can be found on portal in section Operational buildings sale Bratislava - Nové Mesto as well. The service Moja Realitka is brought to you by - the largest offer of real estate properties in Slovakia.

Detail of offer no.AR-04GF-000781

Sale commercial warehouse area area 7271 m2, 365 m2 office and shop, 2921 m2 warehouses

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Iveta Bočeková

BDZ, s.r.o.

  • Address Družobná 69
    82106 Bratislava
  • Telephone 0940798987
  • Contact Iveta Bočeková
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  • Type Middle operational facility / sale
  • Municipality Bratislava - Nové Mesto (District Bratislava III)
  • Street Vajnorská
  • Price 2 000 000.00 EUR+ DPH
  • Size 7 271 m2
  • Total surface of the lot 7271 m2
  • Build-up area 3286 m2
  • Railroad station 2 km
  • Highway 4 km
  • Form of ownership Company

Real estate description

For sale commercial and storage area with a total area of 7271 m2 the total area of land is kept as a built-up area and the courtyard of which is: 2009 m2 - Land on which the building is built without an inventory number which is built non-residential building marked with an inventory number is a social-operational building office building and shop, dressing rooms, gatehouse and storage hall. 3985 m2 - Land on which there is a yard, engineering buildings, parking lots, walkways, local roads. All buildings are single-storey. Individual buildings in the area are rented (notice periods of 3 months to 3 years), with full rental yield is income 18 231 € + VAT / month excluding energy. Currently, lease contracts are signed for a total of € 15,412 + VAT / month. The lease agreements include the possibility for the lessor to increase the rent by the amount of inflation annually. The area is fenced, trouble-free truck access. Fast access to the motorway. About 400 m is a tram stop. The area is located in BA III, New Town near Jurajov Court and Vajnorská ul. Sales price € 2 million excl. VAT.

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